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I love this company! Their customer service is amazing and their product is amazing. So thankful to have a reliable trustworthy company.

The Best Tasting!!!

I have been buying this Elderberry syrup for years. RELIGIOUSLY. The kids love it. We rarely get sick, other than COVID with a combination of this and Manuka honey.

Best ingredients - love this elderberry syrup!

This is my 4-5th time ordering the bulk everyday syrups. My 4yo and I take it every night before bed, along with a shot of pineapple juice. Definitely a staple in my household, something we enjoy as a family.

Delicious honey!!! 🍯

This honey tastes and smells so good! I bought the 3 pack, and I almost went through one jar in a week!


Our family loves your elderberry syrup and also your raw local honey! We love supporting family businesses and cannot get enough of the honey! Highly recommend 💕

It’s back! All of Simply So Cal!
Christina McGoldrick
Simply Elderberry Co is simply the best!

I cannot say enough positive remarks about this product. It isn't thick, gooey or full of gums / additives. It is thin, tastes great and goes down smoothly. I truly believe that it helped us boost our immune systems to get through having Covid-19 quickly. I love this product and can't wait to purchase more!

SoCAL Everyday® Elderberry - 15 oz made with Local SoCal Honey

Great Product and service

Love the drops! This is my second bottle and I really feel it helps to boost my immune system!
Recently, I did not receive my package , and after an email they mailed a new one to me ..
great small business :-)

Yum! Yum!

Your elderberry syrup tastes so good, I have a hard time just taking 1 tablespoon full … sort of reminds me of Mary Poppins’ spoonful of “medicine”!

Great product and taste great !

Great for Babies!

A pharmacist friend of mine highly recommended the everyday elderberry syrup, but as it contains honey, I wasn’t able to give it to my 8 month old baby. Fortunately they just came out with these drops, so my baby can receive a daily immunity boost! Also worth noting, she’s a very picky eater but willingly opens her mouth when she sees the bottle. She loves it!

Can live without our Elderberry Syrup

My whole family luvs it and we love that it’s local.

Elderberry syrup

I love this syrup. I take it daily! It’s delicious and perfectly sweet.

Quality Quality Quality

Quality and Purity, using the finest ingredients. You guys at Simply Elderberry are angels. Thank you for offering and spreading your healing elixirs that helps our family each and every single day. The local honey is just divine.

The best Elderberry Syrups in Town

Simply Elderberry, you have the purest and cleanest Elderberries that I have ever tasted. Our son had the sniffles, and we gave him your Elderberry Syrups 3 to 4 times for 2 days. He was better right away, I am sure due to your syrups being packed with antioxidants and other healing modalities. Quality at its finest. Thank you so much!

Delicious Honey!

I have been wanting to try your honey and I am glad that I did! The honey is delicious and the consistency is great. I keep the jar in the refrigerator and it does not crystallize. I will be purchasing more from you!

Secret Weapon for Cold Season

I have been using Simply Elderberry for a few years now. My family rarely gets cold when we use it and if the sniffles or a cough begins it is always decreased in length due to elderberry. I buy it as gifts for my neighbors and teachers.

We Stay Healthy with Elderberry!

We as a family enjoy our daily shot of elderberry.
Pure and simple ingredients and my kids love the taste.
Pre-pandemic my daughter dodged the flu virus that was going around her school. And I truly believe that her immune system was good because of the daily shot of elderberry.
So thankful we have the convenience to pick up locally.

Tastes great!!

“I wish we could have more”

We used to buy a well known organic brand from our local health food stores. But it tasted too sweet and it was a fight to get my kids to take it everyday. We switch to simply elderberry over a year ago and there have been 0 arguments. We all love the flavor and health benefits. My kids ask for more than the daily serving!


I ordered this time for my grandma she loves it and my whole family loves it I tell everyone about this company you guys rock !!

Allergy relief

This has been so helpful with my allergies.

“Made with Love” Gift Set

SoCAL Everyday® Elderberry - 15 oz made with Local SoCal Honey

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