Stay calm and Carry On (even with the threat of the Coronavirus)!

Coronavirus. Coronavirus. Covid 19. Have you counted how many times you’ve heard the news or friends mentioning the word every day since the outbreak began? It’s almost as regular as the words “how are you” and just a perfect storm of negative news has followed in its wake.

But is coronavirus really something to fear? 

While major media outlets, national and global agencies, and the stock market continue to rail from the emergence of COVID-19, we would like to take a moment to announce some good news! 

In the past week, the New York Post launched the following news headline, “MORE THAN HALF OF CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS GLOBALLY HAVE RECOVERED.” The NY Post reporter also gave us some concrete Johns Hopkins University numbers and facts to work with:

    • 51,000 people have bounced back from COVID-19,* and 
    • recovery is likely if you are not elderly and have no underlying conditions.*

That’s a pretty good outlook!  And it gets even better if you compare COVID-19 numbers with regular cold and flu “casualty” numbers. Again, John Hopkins to the rescue…


    • COVID-19: 340 as of 3/7/2020
    • FLU: Up to 45 million per year


    • COVID-19: 14 as of 3/7/2020
    • FLU: Up to 61,000 per year

With the daily onslaught of viral news and the annual circulation of viral infections, how does the purple goodness of elderberries come into play and how can we be prepared? 

Elderberries are ancient news! And when we say “ancient”, we don’t mean in a negative way. The use of elderberry treatments has been around longer than sliced bread and they actually date back to biblical times and the ages of Greek rule. (That’s a longstanding report!) 

In fact, a number of elderberry writings point to Hippocrates, the famous Greek doctor who dubbed elderberries his “medicine chest”.  We believe that elderberries have valuable properties. Antiviral and antibacterial benefits are the two most prominent features that make elderberries a WMD against cold and flu viruses. In addition, elderberries contain antioxidants that march in and obliterate free radicals like it’s their job. 

Although there is no available research specifically addressing elderberry and its effects on COVID-19, common research points to the conclusion that people who take elderberry recover from the cold and flu virus up to four days faster than those who don’t. We recommend 1 tablespoon of Everyday Elderberry Syrup daily for adults and 1 teaspoon for children (not infants). Stay Healthy Friends!


*As reported in the New York Post article:

**As reported on John Hopkins Medicine website:

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