Mama Hacks for Staying Well in 2022!

The back to school countdown has begun!  Have you noticed that kids get sick every year when they return to school?  With the constant new waves of illnesses it can feel like an uphill battle to keep your children's immune defenses up to date.

Make their transition back to school easier by building strong immune systems now!


5 Mama Hacks for Staying Well

by Simply Elderberry Co. Mama - Natalie Lopez

1. Wash Clothes! It may seem weird, but I make my kids take off their shoes and change their outfits right when they get home. I throw their clothes in the wash immediately, which has been a surprising game-changer in our house. The kids are surrounded all day by all sorts of pollen, dirt, and germs so my priority is to keep a decontaminated home environment so we don't spread the germs to each other. Because one sick kid is bad, but multiple sick people in a household is impossible as a mama!

2. Daily Purple Shots! I may be biased, but our daily dose of Everyday Elderberry Syrup has always been how I give my kids the immunity support that they so need these days! When school starts, add a tablespoon of Everyday Elderberry Syrup to their water bottle so you don't forget!And even add some juice to the water if you'd like to give them a sweeter treat with additional Vitamin C! Our family stays away from processed, high fructose gummies because we believe natural food is always better.

3. Add Fruits and Veggies! I include immune boosting foods in their lunch boxes and when they get home from school, I try to make sure there are nutritious colorful snacks readily available. Simple slices of pineapple, apple, grapes, watermelon, etc. will be refreshing and packed with goodness!

4. Family Walks. Keeping stress and anxiety low is super important for immune health IMO! We so appreciate our beautiful So Cal weather with family walks around the neighborhood park whenever we can! Plus the sun gives out some great natural Vitamin D!!   But any movement will do - try simple yoga or breathing exercises or bike riding, whatever works for you!

5. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Get enough sleepIf you get enough sleep, it will help your body fight off sickness. Adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but kids 6 to12 years old should be getting 9 to12 hours per day and teens 8-10 hours!

 Stay Well Friends and Make sure to Stock Up on your Elderberry this Summer!

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