Our mission at Simply Elderberry Co. has always been to help others stay well by providing products we are proud of. We stand true to our beliefs that natural and organic ingredients can be good for the body, and so our families eat healthy whole foods as much as possible, get fresh air, clean everything, and take our vitamins and elderberry shots for general wellness during this crazy flu and allergy season. 

With the latest news and developments surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we’ve been asked by many of our valued customers about Elderberry, the coronavirus, and the potential for cytokine storms. But just like the coronavirus, there is not enough research or evidence to draw any conclusions. In fact, the information that does exist can be conflicting, and it makes it harder to discern between fact and fiction—especially in times like these where misinformation spreads quickly.

Facts (or what we know for now):

  • This is a brand-new virus that no one fully understands. As we all are experiencing right now, what we learn about the coronavirus changes daily. Therefore, any absolute statements re elderberry and coronavirus are unfounded.
  • Cytokines are a group of small proteins that send messages to the rest of your immune system and act as “chemical messengers.” Cytokineshave been shown to be involved in autocrine, paracrine and endocrine signaling as immunomodulating agents. Therefore, cytokines help regulate the immune response. [1]
  • Elderberry is a fruit of the elder shrub. It is a natural food super rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Research has supported the belief that consuming elderberry can be effective in supporting the immune system.[2]
  • At the time of this post, there is no documented, clinical-based evidence supporting that elderberry causes cytokine storms.

Articles, Opinions, Recommendations.  Though we appreciate people trying to help by opining on the subject (as some articles below do), we tend to give more weight to medical professionals or experts in the field.  Here are some of the articles or opinion videos that we have found to be directly related an informative; there are plenty more and can add on to this list:

  • Dale Brown – Chiropractic Doctor, The Wellness Way Affiliate and Wellness Advocate & Educator who explains the differences between “stimulating” the immune system and “feeding” it and what role elderberry plays in immune system function:
  • Patrick Flynn – Chiropractic Doctor, Hormone Expert and Founder of The Wellness Way Clinic who explains what cytokine storms are and how the immune system responds; he states that elderberry and herbs don’t stimulate the immune system like synthetic substances but that elderberry gives the body what it needs to do its job:
  • Larken Bunce – Executive Director, Faculty and Clinical Herbalist at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalismwho states that elderberry is not a “one size fits all” remedy but that it should be administered (or not) thoughtfully and carefully in context to each individual’s health situation or condition:
  • Elisa Song – MD, Holistic Pediatrician and Mom who opines that elderberry has beneficial properties and that no research exists to support the idea that elderberry causes “haywire” immune system responses; she also states that it’s best to consult a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor with elderberry use:
  • Aviva Romm – MD, Herbalist and Midwifewho states that “the association with elderberry and cytokine storm is implausible” and that elderberry is not relevant for COVID-19 prevention or treatment of symptoms:
  • Diana Heideman – Self-proclaimed Herbalist and Elderberry Cultivatorwho clarifies that elderberry use may be suitable for common cold and flu symptoms but not for those with COVID-19, severe health problems or compromised immune systems:
  • Agatha Noveille – Blogger on indie herbalist website who explains what it means for elderberry to act as a “modulator” with anti-inflammatory properties and how cytokine storms (a.k.a. sepsis [in her book]) can be brought on by a number of outside factors:

We also know that the most vulnerable individuals to this new virus are the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and those with previous respiratory ailments. If you fall within these categories, we highly recommend you seek professional guidance before taking any supplements, elderberry products or otherwise. 

At the end of the day, we are not medical professionals and will never claim to be, but our families continue to take our Elderberry shots every day for general wellness because it works for us. We encourage you to review the research for yourselves and make your own decision regarding what Is Right For You And Your Family …We care about you!

We are always here to support you!  Knowledge is power and this is the time to empower and stand together and get through these crazy times.  Please Stay Well Friends!


[1] Dr. Patrick Flynn’s opinion on cytokine storms and immune system response: 

[2] University of Sydney’s article, “Elderberry compounds could help minimize flu symptoms, study suggests,” Dated 4/23/2019.


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